Why should the faucet be equipped with a bubbler

Update:03 Feb 2021

I wonder if we have ever wondered why there are so many […]

Why should the faucet be equipped with a bubbler

I wonder if we have ever wondered why there are so many bubbles in the water flowing out of the tap? In fact, this is mainly because a bubbler is installed in the faucet, which can make the water softer and will not splash.

1. What is a bubbler
The bubbler can make the water and air fully mix, produce foaming effect, and then achieve the effect of effectively reducing water consumption and saving water. Nowadays, all the faucets on the market have a bubbler as long as the round spout is installed, and the square and flat spout do not have a bubbler.

Second, the role of bubbler
Generally speaking, the installation of a bubbler on the faucet at home has the following 3 functions
1. Filtration: The bubbler can filter some sediment and impurities in the water.
2. Water saving: The bubbler can make the water flow and the air fully touch, forming the foaming effect, and then reduce the water consumption. Generally, the faucet with the bubbler can save about 50% of the water compared with the general.
3. Splash-proof: The water stream becomes soft after being mixed with air, reducing the impact force. It can prevent the water from splashing everywhere, and it can also play a good noise reduction effect.

Third, how to clean the bubbler
We mentioned above that the bubbler can filter impurities, and it will inevitably become clogged over time, and needs to be cleaned. The aerator can be removed, soaked in vinegar, cleaned with a small brush or other things, and then reinstalled.

Here is a question involved, that is: how to disassemble the faucet aerator?
Use a small screwdriver to reach into the gap of the foamer frame and pry it hard, open the top mesh of the top plastic card, and take out the stainless steel mesh (there are four) in the center. After cleaning, put it back in the order of disassembly (the burrs of the stainless steel mesh should be upward, and the plastic card top mesh should be installed and stuck)
Just installing a small bubbler in the faucet has so many advantages, we can install one at home if we need it.


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