Which is the best hot and cold faucet

Update:14 Sep 2021

The hot and cold faucet can switch between hot and cold […]

Which is the best hot and cold faucet

The hot and cold faucet can switch between hot and cold water at the same time. Its emergence breaks the embarrassment that the traditional faucet can only output cold and hot water, greatly improves the appearance of the kitchen decoration, and saves the cost of decoration. Which is the best hot and cold faucet? On this topic, the editor provides a guide to the options of hot and cold faucets to provide a reference for you to choose hot and cold faucets.

The working principle of hot and cold faucet.

In fact, the hot and cold water faucet is also called a mixing faucet, that is, a faucet that mixes cold water and hot water to adjust the water temperature. The principle is mainly to control the water discharge condition of the ceramic sheet and steel valve body with very high precision inside the faucet. When the faucet is used, the difference between cold water and hot water appears in different directions.

Classification of hot and cold faucets.

how to choose.

Faucet for washbasin.

Washing the face is necessary, installed on the washbasin, for mixed use of hot and cold water. The shape of the faucet of the washbasin can be changed, in addition to washing your face, you can also wash clothes. For general washbasin faucets, you can choose a slightly higher faucet to leave room for washing. Faucet in the sink.

The sink faucet is undoubtedly a good helper for the kitchen, and the kitchen water is generally realized by it. It is mainly used for washing vegetables and dishes. The faucet of the sink is required to reach a certain height, so it is easy to wash vegetables and dishes. Shower faucet.

The shower faucet is used with sprinklers and bathtubs. This kind of faucet has high requirements. It is generally used to control the main body and the sprinkler. The material and performance requirements are higher than other faucets.


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