What to pay attention to when choosing a faucet filter

Update:30 Jul 2020

Now most of our households use tap water. Although the […]

What to pay attention to when choosing a faucet filter

Now most of our households use tap water. Although the tap water has been treated in the water plant and can meet drinking standards, the treated tap water sometimes still leaves some impurities, and it is easily affected during transportation to our homes. Secondary pollution, so it is necessary to install a faucet filter in your home to improve water quality. Then we will talk about what issues need to be paid attention to when choosing a faucet filter.

The more filter elements are not the better. Some low-end water purification products have four or five filter elements at every turn, but they all use simple filter materials, and the filtering effect may not be as strong as a high-performance filter element.

When choosing a faucet filter, if we only look at the brand of the faucet filter, without substantively looking at the quality of the faucet filter, the problem of poor product practicability will easily occur. Many brands of faucet filters do have very good designs in terms of water intake, but when we choose, we need to look at the place where they are used. However, technical guarantee is the most critical, and the after-sales service of faucet water purifier is also our concern.

Almost all water purifiers use activated carbon. If activated carbon is not used, no matter how high the filtration accuracy is claimed, the taste of the water will be compromised. There are three types of activated carbon, granular, powder and activated carbon rods. The first two are low-cost, but the filtration is often incomplete. The latter is a safer choice and can be completely filtered.

In fact, a good filter element is a clogged filter element, which also shows that the water purifier is indeed effective. It is often an exaggeration to claim that the filter element does not need to be replaced in 2-3 years. Don't pursue cheap ones too much.

At present, there are many types of faucet filters on the market, so when you choose a filter, you must choose according to the actual use. A good faucet filter often has to consider many factors, not the more expensive the better.

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