What to do if the faucet leaks

Update:25 Apr 2021

I trust many people have encountered the problem of fau […]

What to do if the faucet leaks

I trust many people have encountered the problem of faucet leakage, and the faucet leakage will not only cause inconvenience to our daily life, but also waste a lot of water resources, so it must be dealt with in time. The following Kaiping all-copper faucet manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction How to deal with a leaking faucet.

Regarding the repair of water leakage, the cause of the water leakage is nothing more than damage to the water-stop tape on the part of the faucet (fixed screw). Therefore, just use a wrench to remove the faucet, and rewind a new water-stop tape where the fixing screw is located. The following is the maintenance process:

1. Tighten the faucet first, and use a wrench to turn the faucet counterclockwise to remove it.

2. Turn the threaded hole outwards, and wrap the threaded part clockwise with sealing tape for 5-6 times.

3. Check whether the faucet has been adjusted properly, and fasten it clockwise with the water pipe wrench.

4. After the installation is completed, turn on the main switch and try, and acknowledge to see if there is still water leakage.

The cause of the problem and how to deal with it

1. The faucet still leaks water after the spool is closed

This phenomenon may be caused by the loosening of the pressure cap causing the spool to become loose and the seal is not deformed, and the water cannot be sealed. The solution is to take out the spool, check the bottom rubber ring, reset it and reinstall it.

2. Water seeps from around the valve core

This phenomenon may be caused by loosening or displacement of the spool. The solution is to take out the spool and reinstall it.

3. Water seeps from the center of the valve core

This phenomenon is that the valve core is damaged, and the solution is to replace the valve core.

4. Water leakage at the bottom of the faucet

This phenomenon is generally caused by the O-ring of the water inlet pipe not being installed or deformed. The treatment method is to unscrew the hose. If the O-ring is found to be undeformed, re-fit the O-ring and the water inlet pipe. Yes, if you find that the O-ring has been deformed, replace the O-ring.

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