What material is good for the washbasin countertop

Update:25 Oct 2021

What material is good for the washbasin countertop? Wha […]

What material is good for the washbasin countertop

What material is good for the washbasin countertop? What are the materials for the washbasin? This article explains in detail the three items, including granite countertops, marble countertops, and artificial stone (natural synthetic resin) countertops.

What material is good for the washbasin countertop? Analysis of the washbasin material

Washbasin countertops are generally made of materials that are not afraid of water, have hard texture, and have good decorative effects, such as marble, granite, and artificial stone. Different materials have different textures, and their decorative effects and prices vary greatly.

1. Granite countertops: common ones include five lotus, malachite green, snow white, blue star, etc. Granite is hard and cheap, but its decorative effect is poor.

2. Marble countertops: high-end beige stone, brown mesh, large green, large white, Norwegian red and so on. Marble is brittle, difficult to process, and expensive, but its patterns are gorgeous.

3. Artificial stone (natural synthetic resin) countertop: It is a new type of composite material that can be imitated into natural stone with various textures and patterns. In addition, the on-site processing is very strict, very hard, and there is no radiation, which is harmless to the human body, so using artificial stone to make washbasin countertops is the direction of future development.

4. Glass: Glass countertops are re-loved by people because of their purity and transparency. The thicker the glass, the higher the price, and the better the load-bearing and safety. The joints can be sealed with glass glue. The underside of the countertop can be supported by stone or iron. It should be noted that the movements should be as soft as possible during use.

5. Mosaic: The current mosaic patterns and textures are very beautiful and diverse. Use mosaics to cover the countertops. If possible, a certain area of ​​mosaics are also pasted on the wall above the countertops as a response. Choose an above counter basin, and the overall feeling will be very good. Modern, with visual impact. Mosaic does not need to cover the entire bathroom, which costs more, and although it is modern, the impact is too strong and there will be a sense of fatigue.

6. Ceramic tiles: suitable for making tiles for countertops, through collage, it can also make good effects. Moreover, it can be unified with the wall tiles, and the visual effect is very coordinated.

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