What kind of accessories does the faucet contain

Update:28 May 2020

The faucet seems to be an ordinary and general item in […]

What kind of accessories does the faucet contain

The faucet seems to be an ordinary and general item in life, but it is composed of many faucet accessories. Faucet accessories include the inner valve core of the faucet and the outer valve body, together with the rotating faucet handle, the hose for entering and exiting the water, as well as the filter element, rubber parts and other miscellaneous parts. Different accessories play different roles during this period. Only when they cooperate with each other can the faucet finish the normal work of controlling the water flow.

Faucet accessories-spool

Faucets on the market have already broken the shape and function of traditional faucets, but the most basic internal structure and accessories are similar. The spool of the faucet is mainly the flow speed and size of the water flowing through the faucet, and the action is completed by rotating the handle. The spool of the faucet is divided into a single-hole spool and a dual-control spool, but whether it is a dual-control or a single-control spool, their rotation viewpoint is 90 degrees at most, and the opening angle is about 20 degrees. The spool is a faucet, the general ceramic spool is the most used, so you must pay attention when buying.

Faucet accessories-valve body

The valve body of the faucet refers to the entire appearance of the faucet. The materials of the faucet valve body on the market are rich and diverse, including stainless steel valve body, cast iron valve body, all-plastic valve body, brass valve body, zinc alloy valve body and polymer compound Material valve body. Among them, the stainless steel faucet valve body is the most commonly used, and the quality of the zinc alloy valve body is the best, with a high cost performance. Therefore, when selecting the valve body of the faucet, the cost performance and service life must be fully considered.

Faucet accessories-hose

The hose in the faucet fitting is used for water in and out. The 50 cm long hose of the faucet fitting is the most suitable. When buying faucet hoses, it is necessary to pay attention to not buying aluminum wire pipes. Generally, stainless steel hoses are the most practical. But the best way to avoid the two is to hold the hand tightly. After loosening the hand, the hose turns black and is aluminum wire, and it is stainless steel without change. In the faucet accessories, the hose is also very important, so it is necessary to fully consider its cost performance when purchasing.

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