What are the designs and settings of kitchen faucets

Update:07 Dec 2021

When decorating the kitchen, we first thought of the de […]

What are the designs and settings of kitchen faucets

When decorating the kitchen, we first thought of the design and layout, followed by the selection and promotion of countertops, sinks, and gas stoves. In fact, the functionality, ease of use, and design of kitchen faucets are also one of the kitchen supplies that attract attention.

Considering usability and design, faucet accessories have also become the focus of the kitchen.

Kitchen (hot water mixing method) faucet operation methods include double handle (double valve) mixing faucet and single lever mixing faucet. In addition, in addition to the traditional handle steering wheel, the water outlet/stop method can also be operated by buttons (hand or foot switches, etc.), and there are kitchen faucets that can be automatically turned on and off by sensors.

The installation type of the kitchen faucet.

Some kitchen faucets have added functions such as hand shower and water purification. Due to the characteristics of use, many faucets with a gooseneck shape (such as a gooseneck curve) can also be seen in the appearance design. In addition, according to the installation method, there are wall-mounted, sitting (counter and sink) installation types.

Types and characteristics of kitchen faucets.

Single lever mixing faucet.

The hot and cold water is discharged, and the water stop is operated by one handle, and the left and right hot water volume and temperature of the operation type can be adjusted. It is widely used in the kitchen. Because it can be operated with one hand, it is easy to use. There are many prices and changes in design, and many integrated kitchens also adopt the standard of single-handle faucet.

I have to say that the pull-type faucet is really convenient for girls in the world to wash their hair. The pull-type faucet is a very good assistant, like a mini shower that can be remotely cleaned. For example, you can clean toilets and walls to save people with cleanliness, don't appreciate it too much! For the convenience of daily use, the kitchen faucet is best to choose high, the outlet should also be long, it is best to extend to the drain, do not splash water. Many kitchens now have hot water pipes, so it is best to choose dual connections when choosing. In order to meet the needs of various uses, most of the kitchen faucets can realize the left and right rotation of the faucet body. The part of the faucet and the pumping faucet can be pumped out of the spout and cleaned to all corners of the sink. The disadvantage is that you must use your hand when pumping out the spout. Hold the nozzle.

Water purification faucet/one faucet.

In addition to hot and cold water faucets, some households will also be equipped with water purifier faucets.

Tips: The difference between front-end and terminal water purification.

The central pre-filter is the main pipeline water purification product. It is installed in the exposed water pipe before the first faucet after the water meter. Water-related equipment (such as water softeners, water purifiers, pure water machines, direct drinking machines, etc.) installed on the water pipes plays a protective role.

The terminal water purifier is a small household water treatment equipment, which can effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, algae and suspended solids in the water. The post activated carbon can further remove various organic matter in the water and make the treatment After the water is clear and sterile, the taste is improved, and the end water purifier is more widely used in the daily life of ordinary families.

Equipped with a hand-held shower, rectification, and water purification functions.

Automatic faucet non-touch faucet.

The non-contact faucet can stop draining without touching the faucet host. There is a sensor under the nozzle position, which detects the proximity of the hand and the dishes, controls the discharge of water, and the faucet automatically stops when it leaves. Another type, just put your hand on the sensor on the top of the faucet to sense the water, and stop the water when the action is repeated.

The smart sensor leaders in these two situations have now improved the accuracy of sensors, and the number of easy-to-use products has gradually entered more families. Since there is no need to operate the handle, the water flow can be controlled even if the hands are occupied, and the oil and foam on the hands can be prevented from polluting the faucet during cooking and washing. It is a very popular sanitary faucet.

The top switch controls the drain faucet. Touch with your hand or the back of your wrist, even if your hands are occupied, you can easily operate and stop at any time.

During the cooking process, your hands will get dirty on the handle. This is just the palm, fingers, and the back of the hand touch. Because it can often stop the water with one key, it is very good in saving water.

The high throw gooseneck faucet used for party-style Nakajima fish tanks is mainly decorated and designed. It is a model of many domestic Western kitchens and European and American kitchens.

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