What are the benefits of using hot and cold water faucet

Update:15 Jul 2020

Hot and cold water faucets are also very common in our […]

What are the benefits of using hot and cold water faucet

Hot and cold water faucets are also very common in our lives. Their function characteristics are also relatively obvious. We are generally used in places such as toilets, kitchens, and washbasins. Our understanding of hot and cold water faucets may not be very deep, so we will give you a brief introduction to cold and hot water faucets today.

The advantages of hot and cold water faucets are mainly the following:
1. The rapid cold and hot water head saves water and electricity, and the energy utilization rate is more than 95%. Because this faucet uses terminal heating, that is, it is hot when it is turned on, no preheating, no heat preservation, no heat loss from the pipeline, and it saves water storage. The heat loss of the pipeline connected to the terminal faucet caused by the centralized water supply of the water heater is 10-20%, saving 10-20% of its own thermal insulation heat loss, and saving 10-20% of the remaining heat energy of the pipeline. Good quality and low price, the price is less than half of the storage water heater.

2. It can be heated continuously and the hot water is not used up. This is also an outstanding point that is superior to the storage type cold and hot water heater. Have not forgotten the embarrassing situation of being covered with soap without hot water. It has no limitation of the volume of the water tank and can work continuously. As long as there is electricity and water, she can work forever. The standard of voltage test for rapid cold water heater is to apply 2000V voltage for 2 minutes, and the leakage current is less than 0.50mA.

3. First-class electroplating fashion luxury: humanized kitchen and bathroom special planning appearance, classic and elegant, outstanding beauty, extraordinary display.

4. Hot water can be used at any time: turn it on easily, it will be hot in 5 seconds, 24 hours a day, and you can use it if you want.

5. Convenient and fast for both cold and hot: the water temperature can be adjusted freely by you, the water pressure is sprayed, the water in Longkou is balanced and powerful, and the hot water is more convenient and warm.

6. Intelligent temperature control over-temperature maintenance: reset and fuse-type dual temperature control system, intelligent thermal induction transfer temperature control, useful to achieve product safety and life and reduce after-sales service.

7. Protection switch leakage automatic control: current leakage, 0.1 seconds active trip to block the power supply, maintenance of personal safety.

8. Water resistance is safe and reliable: the common internal structure plan firmly separates the water flow space from the electrical system equipment.

9. High-pressure sealing is not leaking: DC inner channel, high-pressure sealing equipment, beware of water leakage.

10. Longer service life of high-efficiency heat pipes: High-quality reinforced heating pipes have faster heat transfer and heat efficiency of more than 98.8%; have more anti-pollution, more anti-oxidation and other characteristics, and maintain longer service life of heating pipes.

11.30% energy saving when the water is out of the water: the terminal water is hot, no preheating, no heat dissipation, no heat consumption, no heat preservation, four major energy saving, does not spoil each point of power, the overall energy saving is 30%; there is no need to empty the pipe cold water, each time Save water 2.5-5L.

12. Healthy use of magnetized warm water: 100% fresh hot water with higher oxygen content. The use of magnetized warm water is healthier for the human body.

These are the characteristics of cold and hot water faucets, and the characteristics are the benefits. It is very necessary to pay attention to the industry of cold and hot water faucets. The current market is also very saturated. The use of cold and hot water faucets is so limited and not applicable. Some public places.

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