Three methods to identify the quality of faucets

Update:14 Oct 2020

1. Investigate appearance craftsmanship: The appearance […]

Three methods to identify the quality of faucets
1. Investigate appearance craftsmanship:
The appearance of high-quality all-copper faucets will have sophisticated craftsmanship, and they usually have to be polished and electroplated, so they look bright and shiny. When buying, you can check the quality of the surface plating process when there is enough light. If it looks as bright as a mirror, it means that the exterior process is well processed. If the exterior does not look bright, perhaps there are corrosion, oxidation, etc., it is recommended not to buy, because the electroplating process is not guaranteed, and High-quality copper faucets have a certain thickness of surface plating. At present, the international standard for plating thickness of faucets is 8 microns, and the best is up to 12 microns, while inferior copper faucets are only 3-4 microns in surface plating. Attitude, so it’s better to ask the merchant to show relevant data when shopping.

2. Investigation section interface:
Many copper faucets on the market are often copper-plated on the outside, and the internal raw materials are not copper raw materials. Therefore, you must pay more attention when purchasing and carefully investigate whether the cross-section interface of the faucet is copper-based raw material. You can use a knife to scrape the joint of the faucet.

3. Choose faucet spool:
When purchasing all-copper faucets, do not forget to choose their valve cores. High-quality faucet valve cores are generally made of ceramic materials, which have good sealing performance and wear resistance. Therefore, you must ensure the valve core materials when purchasing faucets. If it is not a good choice, it is advisable to let the merchant show the relevant basis and write the purchase terms into the contract to ensure that there is a guarantee in the subsequent use process.
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