Three forms of shower

Update:08 Oct 2021

Introduction to Shower Knowledge-Features-Classificatio […]

Three forms of shower

Introduction to Shower Knowledge-Features-Classification: Detailed introduction to the price difference, function mode, purchase water saving, easy cleaning, quality of accessories, etc. between the holding shower, top holding shower and side holding shower .

There are three main types of showers: handheld showers, top showers and side showers.

Although the shower head is small, the price varies greatly. Of course, the purchase and installation of the shower head cannot be sloppy. There are three types of hand-held, overhead and side spray. There are three main types of showers: handheld showers, top showers and side showers.

The function of the shower head is mainly reflected in its water outlet method. The more common water function modes are: general type, which is the basic water flow required in the shower, suitable for simple and quick shower; massage type, that is, the spray is strong and powerful, intermittently poured, which can stimulate every acupuncture point of the body; turbine type The water flow is concentrated on a water column, which makes the skin feel numb and itchy. This bathing method can stimulate the mind and clear the mind; the strong beam type, the strong water current, can produce the foggy effect through the collision between the water streams, increasing Bathing fun.

The key to purchase water saving is good, easy to clean, and good quality of accessories.

Water saving function is the key point that should be considered when choosing a shower. Some showers use a steel ball valve core and are equipped with a hot water regulating controller, which can adjust the flow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that the hot water can flow out quickly and accurately.

When you choose a shower head, the price of the shower head is one of your most concerned issues. Here is a collection of knowledge about the shower head, and you can also learn about the shower head.

This kind of shower with a more reasonable design saves 50% of water than ordinary showers. Second, pay attention to whether the shower is easy to clean. The clogging of the effluent is usually caused by the accumulation of impurities in the screen cover. In order to avoid clogging of the water outlet due to poor water quality, many showers are equipped with an automatic descaling function. You can ask about this when you buy.

In the end, the shower attachment will directly affect the comfort of its use, and special attention needs to be paid. For example, whether there are flexible water pipes and lifting rods, whether there are hoses with steel wires that resist buckling, whether the joints are equipped with anti-twist ball bearings, whether there is a rotation controller on the lifting rods...

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