The faucet heater is not safe

Update:26 Jul 2021

Is the faucet heater safe? A new product is born. In ad […]

The faucet heater is not safe

Is the faucet heater safe? A new product is born. In addition to the functionality, safety is particularly important. Next, I will explain the safety of the faucet heater and introduce the structure of the faucet.

1. The faucet heater is safe when used under normal conditions:

The faucet heater is equipped with a heating cavity and an electrical control cavity in the body of the faucet. The heating power is usually 2-3kw, and the heating pipes are designed with water and electricity isolation. Therefore, for the faucet heater, the power is low and insulated, which is harmful to the human body. There is no harm, and it is safe to use under normal conditions.

2. Precautions for use:

1. The maximum temperature of the water outlet during use should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is continuously heated, it will cause the water outlet temperature of the water hose to be too high and cause burns; it is prohibited to use it upside down during use.

2. When using the faucet in winter, if the water in the water heater has not completely drained the ice accumulation, it is forbidden to turn on the power at this time, otherwise the faucet heater will be easily damaged.

3. The nozzle must be kept unblocked, and the nozzle hole must be cleaned frequently and not blocked. It is forbidden to connect to the shower nozzle with water flow switch and other flow blocking components.

4. The pressure of the tap water used should not exceed the working pressure indicated on the sign, and it must be reliably grounded.

5. Since the capacity of the civil power grid is generally small, do not use this water heater with other large-capacity home appliances (electric rice cookers, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, etc.) at the same time.

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