Skills for judging the quality of all-copper faucets

Update:09 Mar 2021

1. Observe the surface technology: A good all-copper fa […]

Skills for judging the quality of all-copper faucets

1. Observe the surface technology:
A good all-copper faucet will have exquisite craftsmanship on its surface, which usually has to be polished and electroplated, so the surface looks bright and shiny. You can check the surface electroplating process quality under sufficient light when purchasing , If it looks shiny like a mirror, it means that the surface treatment is good. If the surface does not look too shiny, or there are corrosion, oxidation spots, etc., it is recommended not to buy, because the electroplating process is not guaranteed and good The surface plating of all copper faucets still has a certain thickness. At present, the international standard for plating thickness of faucets is 8 microns, and good ones can reach 12 microns, while inferior copper faucets are only 3-4 microns in surface plating. When shopping, it is better to let the business show relevant data.

2. Observe the section interface:
Many copper faucets on the market are often copper-plated on the surface, and the internal material is not copper. Therefore, you must pay more attention when purchasing and carefully observe whether the cross-section interface of the faucet is made of copper. Therefore, when purchasing You can use a knife to scratch the cross-section interface of the faucet to see how its internal material is.

3. Choose faucet spool:
When purchasing all-copper faucets, do not forget to select the valve core. Good faucet valve cores are generally made of ceramic material, which has good sealing performance and wear resistance. Therefore, you must ensure the valve core material when purchasing faucets If it is not easy to choose, it is recommended to ask the merchant to show relevant evidence and write the purchase terms into the contract to ensure that it is guaranteed in the subsequent use process.

4. Feel more with your hands:
In order to ensure that the faucet you choose is made of all copper, it is recommended to touch the surface of the faucet with your hands as much as possible during the purchase process, and the product will feel heavy and heavy to the touch after the copper material is electroplated, and its surface resistance is relatively large. If the surface is smooth to the touch, it means that it is not made of copper, and it is not recommended to buy it.

5. Tap to listen to the sound:
When purchasing an all-copper faucet, in order to determine whether the material is copper, you can tap the surface with your hand when purchasing, and then listen to the sound of the tap. If the sound is crisp when tapped, it is made of stainless steel. If the sound is dull when hitting, it means it is made of copper.

6. Purchase aerator:
When choosing an all-copper faucet, you must also consider the quality of its bubbler. Generally good bubblers are made of ABS environmentally friendly engineering plastics, which can effectively filter the sound of running water and make the water flow produce more bubbles without splashing. It can also achieve energy-saving effects. If it does not have a bubbler or a bubbler faucet of poor material, it is recommended not to buy it.

7. Check accessories:
When purchasing an all-copper faucet, you also need to check the accessories. Good accessories are usually made of copper. The accessories of other materials, although the surface has been electroplated, the color will become lighter and yellow during use. It will become black, affect the use and also affect the appearance.

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