Pay attention to the appearance and style when choosing a faucet

Update:02 Mar 2021

Exterior: When selecting, take the bright light, no bub […]

Pay attention to the appearance and style when choosing a faucet


When selecting, take the bright light, no bubbles, no defects, and no scratches as the qualified specifications. Generally, faucets only need more than 10 micron coatings, the intention is to prevent rust, be beautiful, and to ensure the service life. Some experts have leaked it. When selecting, press the surface of the faucet with a finger, and the fingerprints will quickly dissipate, indicating that the coating is good; the more the fingerprints are printed, the more flowers are worse.

After choosing the appearance, you must also taste the feel of the faucet, whether the switch is smooth, the up and down, left and right switches can adjust the water temperature without chaos, generally reaching 30 degrees up and down, and 90 degrees left and right is better. But one thing to be aware of is that a lighter head doesn't mean it feels good.


At that time, the stainless steel faucets on the market were generally divided into two styles, namely, single-handle faucet and double-handle faucet. Single-handle faucet only used one hole, and double-handle faucet could be divided into four-inch hole and eight-inch hole. It depends on the style of the basin.

Basin faucets and kitchen faucets are generally installed on the countertop, so its water inlet pipe can be two kinds of hard pipe and hose, the length is generally about 35 cm. In order to facilitate the connection, the connection between the water pipe and the water inlet pipe of the faucet needs equipment A kind of valve, this kind of valve is called a triangle valve. When purchasing the faucet, don’t forget to match it together, otherwise you will have to run it again. And the triangle valve has different specifications, according to the faucet you bought. Depending on the specifications of the inlet pipe, there are generally 3 points and 4 points.

The other thing to pay attention to is that the triangle valve of the equipment should not be installed too low to prevent the faucet inlet pipe from being too long and unable to be connected, which constitutes unnecessary trouble. Generally, it can be installed about 50 to 60 cm away from the ground.

Another thing is that when buying a faucet, you must not forget to take stock of the zero set, otherwise it will be more troublesome to take it back and install it. Generally, the accessories of the basin faucet mainly include the drainer, the lifting rod and the faucet fixing screw.

Bolt and fix the copper sheet and gasket; the bathtub faucet also has standard accessories such as a shower, two water inlet hoses, and brackets. The mixing faucet produced by the standard company has the equipment specification drawing and the application form when it leaves the factory, so be careful when choosing. Import goods must be more careful.

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