Maintenance skills of bathroom faucets

Update:22 Apr 2021

In the bathroom, the faucet is also appropriate and imp […]

Maintenance skills of bathroom faucets

In the bathroom, the faucet is also appropriate and important, so we can not ignore the maintenance of the faucet.

1. Every month or so, scrub the faucet with car wax to seal the small holes on the surface of the electroplating layer to prevent moisture or corrosive gases from entering.

2. Use a soft cloth to apply a little toothpaste to clean the appearance of the faucet, and then rinse it with clean water. However, do not use alkaline cleaners or steel wool to scrub to avoid damage to the electroplating surface.

3. In the process of using single-handle faucet, do not open and close the action too fast; in addition, do not close the double-handle faucet too tightly, otherwise the stopcock will fall off, causing the water flow to stop and the switch cannot be closed.

4. The foaming equipment located at the water outlet of the faucet often produces small or unstable water due to water quality problems. This may be because the foamer is blocked by debris. You can unscrew the foamer and use clean water or a needle to remove impurities. Things.

5. Check the upper and lower water hoses regularly, and replace them immediately if cracks are found, so as to ensure that the service life of the faucet is not affected.

In fact, after a period of time, we should check and clean the faucet to avoid inconvenience caused by damage.

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