Induction faucet purchase skills

Update:24 Aug 2021

The induction faucet automatically senses the flow of w […]

Induction faucet purchase skills

The induction faucet automatically senses the flow of water and shuts off the water through the principle of infrared reflection, and the user does not touch the handle of the faucet, reducing the probability of cross-infection of bacteria and viruses. So, how to buy an induction faucet? Take two or three minutes to read these points before buying.

1. How to choose an induction faucet-see technology.

a. Whether it is an ordinary faucet or an induction faucet, it depends on the craftsmanship first. A good induction faucet structure has high copper content, weighs, and has a rich texture. Inferior alloy faucets have less copper materials and light weight. The light faucet may be made of zinc alloy, with short life span and serious heavy metal analysis. It is a material that is clearly prohibited by the country.

b. The smoother the surface, the better the quality. When purchasing, you can place the nozzle in a well-lit place to observe whether the surface of the faucet is bright, whether there are pores, bubbles, oxidized spots and other details to judge whether the surface of the faucet is uniform.

2. Selection of induction faucet-check the waterproof performance.

The induction faucet is driven by electricity and needs good waterproof performance to ensure safety. Check whether the infrared sensing part is sealed with epoxy resin or moisture-proof, and whether the connection plug is a waterproof plug. At the same time, because the solenoid valve is installed under the basin for a long time, the machine has poor contact after being damp, and the minimum life of the solenoid valve should reach the industry implementation standard (more than 150,000 times).

3. The choice of induction faucet-depends on the manufacturer's qualifications.

Choose induced faucet, try to choose qualified professional production induced faucet manufacturer. Because professional induced faucet manufacturers are more advantageous in terms of quality, after-sales service, and price.

4. How to choose the induction faucet-depends on the after-sales service capability.

When choosing an induction faucet, you must pay attention to the after-sales service ability, and only when problems occur in the later period can be guaranteed.

The outbreak of the new coronavirus at the beginning of this year has greatly increased the degree of attention to bacteria and viruses that are invisible to the naked eye. In particular, there are media reports that health protection personnel have detected the new coronavirus on the faucet handle of the toilet, and there is a strong demand for non-contact sensor faucets.


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