How to maintain the hardware faucet daily

Update:12 Nov 2020

Whether it is a hotel bathroom or a family bathroom, th […]

How to maintain the hardware faucet daily

Whether it is a hotel bathroom or a family bathroom, the entire space is used frequently, and the use of hardware faucets has become more widespread. Long-term use without paying attention to maintenance will shorten the service life of the hardware faucet. So, how should the hardware faucet be maintained?

First, let us know a problem that we should pay attention to in normal use. When we use water, we need to open it. Some people will twist and toggle very hard. In fact, this is all redundant. Just a quiet tap. Some faucets are equipped with a sieve cover at the outlet. We must remember to clean it after a period of use, and always keep the product equipped with a hose in a stretched state to prevent it from breaking.

1. Before the installation, we must first flush out the impurities in the water pipe to avoid damage to the valve core water nozzle (filter) blockage and leakage, causing blockage.

2. When purchasing a faucet, we need to find a faucet that matches the scale chart. Forcing the installation in the case of non-conforming dimensions will damage the parts of sanitary products.

3. When installing the faucet, we must try to prevent it from colliding with other hard objects, and remember not to leave glue, cement and other substances on the surface. This will affect the color of the faucet and the faucet will not look so beautiful.

4. Most of the tap water we use contains carbonates. We can use a soft cotton cloth or sponge with neutral soapy water to quietly scrub the appearance of the faucet, which can clean off the water stains and dirt on the faucet, so that the faucet can recover its previous shine.

5. There will be a certain amount of water storage after the faucet is closed and used, which is mostly caused by rain. However, if the dripping time is too long, it is a water leakage problem. Remember to find someone to repair it or replace it in time.

6. If the temperature is lower than zero, the handle of the faucet may feel abnormal. It is recommended to use heat source water to blanch sanitary products first, so that they can recover to normal temperature, which is more conducive to the maintenance of the faucet, or can extend the service life of the hardware faucet.

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