How to install the faucet

Update:15 Nov 2021

What is the installation method of the faucet? Faucets […]

How to install the faucet

What is the installation method of the faucet? Faucets cannot be lacked in the restaurant kitchen. You must wash your hands and disinfect, wash the dishes, and wash the dishes with the faucet. After a long period of time, some faucets just started to malfunction and a series of problems such as water seepage occurred. At this time, everyone must dismantle and replace the faucet. It is a cost to ask the master to install the faucet by yourself. It is a very good choice. So, how to install the restaurant kitchen faucet?

Restaurant kitchen faucet

Installation process

1. Remove all parts of the faucet (tooth tube, rubber pad, stainless steel plate washer, fixed nut);

2. Pass one of the water inlets through the opening position of the faucet and through the countertop of the cabinet;

3. Screw the passed water inlet into the water seepage hole directly under the faucet, and tighten it appropriately;

4. Pass all the removed tooth pipes through the water inlet that has been screwed into the water inlet pipe of the faucet;

5. Pass the second water inlet through all the tooth pipes and screw it into the other water inlet pipe directly below the faucet, and tighten it appropriately;

6. Point the dental tube to the bottom of the faucet and tighten it appropriately, adjust the position of the faucet, and then fix the parts and tighten them properly.

TIPS: The restaurant kitchen faucet must be installed firmly. Because the restaurant kitchen faucet is used more frequently and is moved around, it is very easy to loosen, so the lock nut must be tightened.

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