How to install instant hot water faucet

Update:20 Jul 2021

With the development of science and technology, there a […]

How to install instant hot water faucet

With the development of science and technology, there are more and more types of faucets, and people's experience of water is becoming more and more abundant and diversified. In the cold winter, people's thirst for hot water is extremely strong, and the fluctuation of supply and demand has given birth to the birth and wide application of instant hot water faucets, which effectively solves the problem of rapid hot water supply in winter. How to install the high-speed hot water faucet? The following is my explanation to everyone.

1. How to install instant hot water faucet and installation method.

First select the installation position of the faucet and drill the hole, then use the stainless steel hose to take out the faucet and find the connection port. Screw the hose into the water inlet under the faucet, then pass the hose from the mounting hole through the power cord, and then pass through the rubber pad, flat pad and lock nut in turn. Connect the other end of the faucet to a tap water valve, and put the strainer rubber pad in the middle of the faucet to connect to the water channel. According to the color of the wire and the instructions at the wiring terminal in the electric control box, connect the power cord of the faucet host in order, insert the data line with PIN bit, and fasten the junction box with the wire cover. Fix the electric control box. After connecting the sink, connect the power and check carefully. If there is no problem, turn on the water heater. After a while, hot water will flow out.

2. Precautions on how to install high-speed water heaters.

When installing the instant hot water faucet, check the products and accessories, check the bottom of the basin, and check whether the power socket is in good condition. In order to ensure the safety of electricity, a leakage protection switch can be installed. In order to ensure the safety of water output, when using high-speed water heaters, try to avoid using other high-power electrical appliances at the same time as the load.

3. How to install high-speed hot water faucet and maintenance method.

When washing the water heater, you can wipe it with a soft cloth. If you find that the flow of hot water is small, you can check the water inlet of the filter. Remember not to pour water on the body when it is powered on.

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