How to clean ceramic washbasins

Update:01 Nov 2021

What should I do when ceramic washbasins and toilet was […]

How to clean ceramic washbasins

What should I do when ceramic washbasins and toilet washbasins turn yellow? In fact, just mix salt and a small amount of turpentine into a paste, apply it to the ceramic washbasin, wait a while, wipe it off with a wet sponge, and the yellow and white porcelain can instantly recover The original white appearance.

Not only ceramic washbasins, as long as they are ceramic washbasins, this method can solve the problem. The faucet, including the washbasin in the toilet, can also be cleaned with salt. I think the faucet used is very dark. You can also mix the same amount of salt, flour and vinegar into a paste, apply it with a soft cloth, and wait for 1 hour to wipe it. The faucet will become bright. Sprinkle salt on the copper decorations and wipe them with a sponge, which can play the role of grinding.

Eight tips for cleaning ceramic washbasins.

1. Change the bad habit of placing items on the ceramic washbasin.

2. The ceramic washbasin is placed on the make-up board for daily necessities with large volume or heavy weight, and storage cabinets are arranged to facilitate the collection of daily necessities. Do not put on the make-up board, which will easily damage the ceramic washbasin.

3. Normal cleaning: The soft brushes and sponges of the porcelain should be cleaned with neutral detergent, but do not wash with hot water to prevent the ceramic washbasin from breaking. Use the ceramic washbasin to add water, first add cold water to heat the water to avoid scalding.

4. Regular maintenance: The water storage bay head below can be removed to take out the accumulated dirt and drain smoothly.

5. Regularly check whether the household ceramic washbasin has dark cracks. Immerse the ceramic washbasin in water and soak in colored paint overnight. If there is dark cracking, you can clearly see it, otherwise there will be no dark cracks.

6. When cleaning the ceramic washbasin, try to use sponge to wash detergent, do not use vegetable melon cloth, and do not scrub with hard brushes, acid-alkaline chemicals and solvents. Because the surface of the ceramic washbasin will have small scars, it is easy to accumulate dirt in rough operation.

7. If it is an embedded ceramic washbasin, pay special attention to the dead corner part of the joint between the table top and the ceramic washbasin when cleaning.

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