How to choose bathtub faucet in southern home decoration

Update:11 Oct 2021

What is a bathtub faucet? It is installed above one sid […]

How to choose bathtub faucet in southern home decoration

What is a bathtub faucet? It is installed above one side of the bathtub and used to open hot and cold mixed water. The two pipes that can be connected to hot and cold are called double switch water flow structures such as screw lift type, metal ball valve type, ceramic valve core type and so on. How to choose to identify the bathtub faucet in home decoration?

How to choose and identify bathtub faucets in home decoration.

The faucet is the "conductor" of water and is used the most frequently. Faucets come in various shapes and models. First of all, the quality of the faucet lies in the valve body. At present, there are mainly ceramic valve cores, ball valve cores and rubber valve cores on the market. Ceramic valve core is a new generation of valve core material, with good sealing performance, stable physical performance, long service life, and generally more than 10 years of normal use. Is the main body real??? Bronze (or copper alloy) casting, of course, the overall casting performance is the best.

1. From the structure, it is divided into:

1. Single handle type. The characteristic is that the switch is flexible, the life is long, and the temperature adjustment is quick and convenient.

Faucet with 290 degree switch. The characteristic is that on the basis of the traditional double handle, it is sealed with a ceramic sheet. When the faucet is turned on and off, the handle can be rotated 90 degrees, and it can be adjusted on both sides of the cold and hot water. It is easy to open, diverse designs, and diverse shapes.

2. Traditional spiral stabilized faucet (rubber seal). The water output is large and the price is cheap (currently used less).

3. Stainless steel hollow ball seal and valve stem seal faucet. Imported leadership is generally used, and some are full temperature control, and the price is high.

Second, it is divided into functions:

1. Triple bathtub. There are two water outlets, one is connected to the shower head of the bathtub, and the other is connected to the shower head under the shower head.

2. Double basins. It is used on various washbasins in toilets, with short water outlet, mainly used for washing and face washing.

3. Multifunctional kitchen. Generally, it is dual, which can pass hot and cold water. The water outlet is high, the front end of the faucet is long, and there is also a hose, which can be rotated at multiple angles for washing.



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