How to choose a bathtub faucet

Update:18 Oct 2021

1. Look at the surface first. Is the main body of the p […]

How to choose a bathtub faucet

1. Look at the surface first. Is the main body of the product real? The main body of the regular product has strict technical requirements for casting and surface treatment. After a neutral salt spray test, there should be no rust in the corresponding period of time. Therefore, when choosing a faucet, pay attention to its surface, touch it with no burrs, and observe no pores, etching, no oxidation spots, gloss, and plating thickness. The surface coatings are galvanized, titanium, painted and so on. The thickness of the coating is good, and you can observe whether the surface of the coating is bright or not. The imported faucet has a thick coating and is not easy to fall off and oxidize. The electroplated layer must have a protective film, and the electroplated layer without a protective film is easy to fade.

2. Gently turn the handle to see if it is light and flexible, and if it is blocked or heavy. The switch should preferably have no gaps, be simple, and have no sliding. Inferior quality has a large gap and a large sense of resistance.

3. The sound is boring when tapping on the main body of the faucet. Carefully observe whether the tap interface is copper or not. The sound is clear when tapping. It may be made of stainless steel, which is of course not good. Look at the various parts of the faucet, especially the main parts are assembled tightly. Are the good valve bodies and handles really used?? Refined, heavy, and dignified.

4. Check the components and observe whether the assembly is tight and loose. Generally speaking, the faucet of the single-handle mixing basin comes with an installation dimension drawing and an instruction manual when it leaves the factory. Before installation and use, please open the product packaging to check the certificate, etc., so as not to use the "three-no" product. If it is imported goods, be careful. In addition, check whether the parts are complete.

General accessories should install the following:

(1) Fixing bolts, fixing copper sheets and gaskets;

(2) A complete set of basin extractor;

(3) Two water supply pipes. Recently, a sanitary bathing space in the direction of leisure has been promoted, using lines to recombine the space to achieve a visually refreshing effect.

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