How many ways to identify the quality of faucet

Update:25 Apr 2020

1. Survey appearance process: The appearance of a high- […]

How many ways to identify the quality of faucet
1. Survey appearance process:
The appearance of a high-quality all-copper faucet will have a deep process, generally it needs to be polished and electroplated, so the appearance looks more crystal and shiny. When you buy, you can look at the quality of its electroplating process when there is enough light. If it looks shiny like a mirror, it clarifies that its appearance process is good. If its appearance does not look shiny, there may be etch marks, mottled oxidation, etc., it is best not to buy it, because its plating process is not guaranteed, and The appearance of high-quality copper faucet has a certain thickness. At present, the international standard for the thickness of the faucet is 8 microns, and the best is 12 microns, while the appearance of the inferior copper faucet is only 3-4 microns. Attitude, so as much as possible to make the merchants show relevant data when buying.
2. Survey section interface:
Many copper faucets on the market are often copper plated on the outside, and the internal raw materials are not copper materials. Therefore, you must pay more attention when purchasing, carefully investigate whether the cross-section interface of the faucet is a copper body material, so when purchasing You can use a knife to scrape a
3. Purchase of leading valve core:
When choosing a full copper faucet, you must not forget to choose its spool. High-quality faucet spools are generally made of ceramic materials, which have good sealing performance and wear resistance. Therefore, when purchasing a faucet, you must ensure that the spool material If it is not a good choice, it is recommended to let the merchants show the relevant basis and write the purchase terms in the contract, so as to guarantee it in the subsequent application process.
4. Touch with more hands:
In order to ensure that the selected faucet is made of all-copper raw materials, it is recommended to touch the faucet's appearance as much as possible during the purchase process, and after the copper raw material is electroplated, the product feels heavy by hand, and its appearance resistance is large, If the appearance is smooth, it is stated that it is not a copper raw material, and it is advocated not to buy it.
5. Tap to hear the sound:
When choosing a full copper faucet, in order to confirm whether its raw material is copper, you can tap on its appearance with your hand when purchasing, and then listen to the sound of the faucet. If the sound is loud when tapping, it is stainless steel. If the sound is boring when struck, it is stated that it is a copper raw material.
6. Purchase of bubbler:
When choosing an all-copper faucet, you must also consider the quality of the bubbler. Generally, high-quality bubblers use ABS environmentally friendly engineering plastic materials. They effectively filter the sound of running water, causing more bubbles in the water flow, and the water will not splash It can also achieve the energy-saving effect. If it does not have a bubbler or a bubbler faucet whose raw material is not safe, it is recommended not to buy it.
7. Check the accessories:
When choosing a full copper faucet, you need to check the accessories. Good accessories are generally made of copper raw materials. Although the accessories of other raw materials have been electroplated, the color will become pale and yellow during use. It will turn black, affect use and also affect beauty.
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