How can manufacturers help the bathroom distributors when they encounter development difficulties

Update:28 Mar 2020

As we all know, bathroom manufacturers and distributors […]

How can manufacturers help the bathroom distributors when they encounter development difficulties
As we all know, bathroom manufacturers and distributors are grasshoppers on a rope, and everything is damaged and everything is glorious. At present, the life of bathroom distributors is really difficult, the market environment is sluggish, the huge impact of e-commerce, coupled with their own business strategy errors, the bathroom distributors' living space is further squeezed. At this critical moment, bathroom manufacturers have a responsibility and an obligation to support them, and work with dealers to overcome difficulties.
One: Sanitary ware manufacturers send a small team to help dealers do a lot of activities. Although an event can't reflect past performance, it can also restore dealers' confidence and allow them to learn from it.
Two: The factory needs to provide nanny-style services, including helping dealers to set up, installing advertisements, placing jewelry, etc.-one-stop service. Some large companies have sent people to supervise from the beginning. When the dealers started construction, they went to see the supervisors, and even sent some small teams to help the dealers plan and do activities half a month in advance. Do these things in the beginning to build confidence.
Three: Bathroom manufacturers need long-term systematic training, fundamental changes to the dealer's philosophy, there are many successful experiences of outstanding dealers worth learning from, a lot of detailed store management, sales skills, event planning, brand development, follow-up services , Foreign industry alliances, resource conversion, etc., can bring them feelings. Some bathroom brands have done a good job of the current model. They hire excellent dealers to train other electric dealers to directly go to the scene for training and guidance.
Four: Pay more attention to the trends of bathroom brand distributors. Many dealers may not see the factory sending people over for months or a year. In this bathroom market, there may be several months in a year in a state of loss, for this loss, dealers are helpless. In fact, he also wants to change and break through the predicament, but he doesn't know what method to use, how to do the activities, what kind of activities to do, the company has a plan, how to operate it, how to make more phone calls, what to do if the customers are run away Many issues such as how to maintain the customer and how to do it have not formed a system. I have been a dealer for a long time, and I have accumulated a few years ago. When the situation is not good, I can only change the brand and product, and the dealers with ordinary strength, especially some who have changed from working to dealers, have opened stores. It's a pity that you can't cope with long-term losses and can only choose to quit.
Five: When the bathroom market is not good, manufacturers must have a professional team, wholehearted, real, sincere, and do their best to provide follow-up security services for dealers.
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