Common problems of thermostatic faucet and magnetic induction faucet installation

Update:02 Dec 2021

Thermostatic faucet Installation FAQ 1. Customers who h […]

Common problems of thermostatic faucet and magnetic induction faucet installation

Thermostatic faucet

Installation FAQ

1. Customers who have fine solid lumps in the drinking water should not use thermostatic faucets;

2. If there are powdery deposits or soft plastic dirt in the drinking water, it is likely to reduce the sensitivity of the thermostatic valve core, and it is also likely to reduce the service life of the thermostatic faucet;

3. Reduce the distance between the electric water heater and the faucet as much as possible, so that the boiling water can reach the faucet as soon as possible;

4. All normal application pressure is 0.05Mpa~0.5Mpa;

5. Hot and cold water supply pipes must not be installed reversely, the heating pipe must be on the left, and the cold water pipe must be on the right;

6. Before installing the thermostatic faucet, it must be cleaned and installed on the spot in order to prevent the slight material lumps from damaging the rubber ring, external thread, thermostatic valve core and other parts of the faucet;

7. Please install in accordance with the indications in the instruction manual, and be careful not to miss, lose or damage all gaskets or rubber rings;

8. The thermostatic faucet itself has no heating effect, please adjust the temperature of the electric water heater to 60℃~85℃;

9. The shower head and shower pipe cannot bear the high temperature above 60℃;

10. After each application, please try to adjust the temperature adjustment knob on the left to below 40℃;

11. If there is too much difference between the pressure of boiling water and cold water, please use a screwdriver to adjust the gate valve of the support frame. This must be paid more attention to in the home of the gas water heater.

Magnetic induction faucet

Installation FAQ

1. When installing this type of faucet, make sure that its magnetic induction dialog box faces down and the distance between the basin of the sink is at least 25cm, otherwise it will endanger its magnetic induction sensitivity.

2. The water inlet pipe of the position where the magnetic induction faucet is installed is about to be turned off to ensure the installation of the faucet.

3. Take out the faucet body of the faucet from the package, coil the outer thread of the water inlet pipe on the faucet body with raw tape or antidiarrheal glue, and tighten the wall-mounted faucet to install the fixed part of the water inlet.

4. Remove the rechargeable battery on the raised part of the cover of the magnetic induction faucet body. Close the cover, carefully pull out the battery inside, and put in 4 new AA dry batteries according to the marked battery positive and negative electrodes. At this time, the magnetic induction window on the faucet body will be green. The faucet will continue to flicker until the green light on the magnetic induction window on the faucet body stops flashing, and then the battery is inserted and clamped, so that the faucet is considered to be installed as the main body.

5. The water inlet pipe at the place where the faucet will be installed is about to be opened for testing, and the water inlet valve button is used to adjust the water flow size. If there is no problem, it can be delivered to use.

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