Common faults of electric faucet

Update:08 Sep 2021

It is convenient and warm to install an electric heater […]

Common faults of electric faucet

It is convenient and warm to install an electric heater in the home. However, although the electric hot water faucet is good, it will inevitably fail when it is used for a long time. If the light bulb does not produce hot water and the water flow is slow, it should be repaired in time. If it is not repairable, you can purchase a new one for installation and replacement. Pay attention to daily use and maintenance, so that it can be used. longer. The electric water heater is broken, how to repair it? How to replace the installation and maintenance of the electric faucet? Let's take a look at the specific operation method.

Common faults of electric water heater faucet

The water flow in the battery car has slowed down.

The flow rate of the water from the electric faucet slows down, or the hot water is not hot, it is probably caused by scale.

Treatment method: directly immerse the tap outlet in the soda or white vinegar solution, and it will be done after 10 minutes.

The spout is not correct or the water volume is reduced.

The commutator filter is fouled or clogged with debris.

Treatment: Put down the rectifier bubbler, clean the filter screen, remove the blockage, and clean it regularly in the future.

Turn off the noise of the drain body or pipeline.

The water pressure is too high, the closing is too fast, and the piping is not firm;

Treatment: Avoid closing the faucet quickly, reduce the water supply pressure, close the triangle valve or the water stop elbow, or reconstruct the fixing device.

The light of the electric faucet is not on, and the water is not hot.

If you install a new machine, you must pay attention to adding water to warm it; check the water tank to see if the water pressure is too low or there is a problem with the wiring; if you use the machine, you should replace the equipment with poor thermal protection.

The bulb water is not hot.

Display failure, the general resistance is broken, the resistance needs to be replaced.

The lighting keeps the water cool.

The pipe of the water heater is broken and needs to be replaced.

Many people have not encountered the first two failures, because the probability of failure is very low, so you can temporarily not require repairs; such as the first type of failure, like a new machine, 100% is not a problem with the machine itself, it should be a waterway or The problem of the circuit is generally that it is not directly heated with water during the first installation, but improper methods are used, such as direct heating with thermal damage, long thermal damage, external blocking parts, etc., and each time it is used Turn the handle to the cold water position after hot water, wait for 5 seconds and then turn it off, which can effectively prevent thermal damage and prolong the service life of the machine.

Water is leaking at the joint between the pipe and the faucet.

Improper installation, there is a problem with the rubber ring. Generally deformed or worn, the rubber ring needs to be replaced and reinstalled.

The electric faucet is leaking.

Water leakage on the circuit side: check whether the two electrodes on the circuit side and the seal of the hot treasure are tight, replace the seal when tightening; if the silicone head is damaged, replace the silicone head.

2. Waterway side leakage: check whether the side cover is broken, replace the side cover; check whether the side cover is tightened, and whether there is a gasket on the side cover, tighten or replace the sealing ring.

Water leakage at the junction between the body and the outlet pipe: replace the outlet pipe sealing ring.

3. The mandrel leaks: the mandrel water-stop layer or water-stop ring is leaking, if it is damaged, it can be replaced; if the water-stop layer or water-stop ring used is of poor water quality, a filter should be added at the faucet entrance. Automatically purify water quality.

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