3 main functions of angle valve

Update:27 Dec 2021

In the bathroom and kitchen decoration, we often use th […]

3 main functions of angle valve

In the bathroom and kitchen decoration, we often use the angle valve. Although it is small in size, it plays a great role. For example, angle valves are required to install faucets, toilets, water heaters, etc. Angle valves can not only connect to water pipes, but also control and adjust the size of the water pressure, making it more convenient to use water. What is the angle valve used for? What is the role of the angle valve? How many angle valves are needed for household installation? With these questions below, let's understand what the lower angle valve is for!

Generally speaking, as long as there is water, we all use this kind of thing. In fact, it is a connector with a switch, which is mainly used to connect the outlet pipe and the inlet pipe. Because the bathroom only uses cold water in use, the bathroom only needs one angle valve; and the washbasin is used alternately with hot and cold water, so the bathroom needs two angle valves; the upper port of the kitchen sink needs 1 cold and 1 hot; The upper nozzle of the water heater needs 1 cold and 1 hot. According to the above calculation, a total of 7 angle valves are required for house decoration, 4 cold and 3 hot. Naturally, if toilets and water heaters increase, the number of angle valves will increase accordingly.

Due to its small size, it is generally installed on a tiled wall, so it will be more convenient for us to use it, and the water inlet and outlet can be easily closed. Generally, angle valves are required for installation of faucets, toilets, water heaters, etc., which can be used as connections between internal and external water pipe interfaces. The angle valve can effectively control the flow of water and play a role in saving water to a certain extent.

The second is to effectively adjust the water pressure. If the water pressure is unstable or excessive in the home, it can prevent the water component from breaking due to the excessive water pressure in the toilet, and it can also prevent the sealing rubber ring from leaking due to damage. The phenomenon. Moreover, the angle valve can play a role in facilitating maintenance, and at the same time, it also provides convenience for the maintenance and replacement of the hose in the future. If the faucet leaks in the house, we only need to close the triangle valve instead of the main valve at home.

In addition to being widely used in the home improvement industry, it is also widely used in the tooling industry, which has a wide range of applications. The use of angle valves can effectively remove noise and allow us to have a good experience when using water. Because of its no water hammer, no noise, and reliable sealing, general pneumatic angle valves can be widely used in the installation of various automated machinery and equipment such as printing and dyeing, printing and dyeing, bleaching, food, washing, chemical industry, water treatment, medicine and so on.

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